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expansive astrology

Looking for a little astrological guidance?

I'm here to help you gain an expansive understanding of your
birth chart, current transits, the year ahead, or astrology in gener



I’m Florencia Manóvil, an independent filmmaker, single parent, multilingual translator, and second-generation astrologer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.


I was born and raised in Argentina. Although astrology was a language spoken at home, I didn’t fully dive into my own studies and independent work with astrology until I was in my 30s (a decade ago!)


I studied with teachers from different astrological currents, including traditional astrologies — but ultimately returned to modern astrology, because psychology (particularly Jungian psychology) is central to my worldview, and I’m most interested in a practice that integrates our modern understanding of humanity and evolves it.


If you want to learn more about astrology, check out some of my recommendations here.

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